Adios mi amigo Guido

Guido Guido[/caption

We all knew that it had to happen.
For many months the decision has been pushed away..
Nobody likes to take a life especially that of a beloved animal..
but the time came today when we had no choice.

Dr Dean, the vet came this afternoon and after an examination he said that it was not only old age but also the nerves in the spine had been affected and that there was nothing that could be done. So after an injection to calm Guido down and when he was nearly asleep he had another injection to stop his heart.

I am not sure just how old Guido was. The earliest record of his date of birth is the Veterinary Passport book which gives 1998 as his birth year but nobody knows how long he was a Bulgarian street dog before he was taken in by Sofia Animal Rescue. So he could have been a few years older that the 15/16 years that we estimated.

My first contact with Guido was about 5 years ago when Sofia Animal rescue asked for volunteers to take care of a dog whilst the kennels in Sofia were being refurbished. I spotted it on the web site and was interested immediately. I chose Guido simply because he was old and completely deaf. Who would want an old deaf dog when there were cuter ones to choose from..ME!

So he came to us on three months ‘loan’. However when the three months were up and the Rescue Centre asked for him back..I asked if he could stay. It did not seem fair that he should return to live in a kennel with no chance of that time we thought he only had a year or two to go.

I guess we looked after him too well because 5 years later he was still here….He was like an old man …smelly and cantankerous, but we all loved him and we are sad to see him depart from this world and from us.

I can honestly say , from the bottom of my heart , that those years looking after and being with Guido have been very rewarding.

May you rest in peace dear friend…I love you!

14 thoughts on “Adios mi amigo Guido

  1. We knew the writing was on the wall for Guido before you had your holiday, and he has lasted a little while longer, but it is still so sad when we have to say goodbye to a beloved pet, and this he surely was. You gave him another shot at life that he otherwise wouldn’t have had, if he had gone back to the kennels, so at least his last few years were spent with people who loved and cared for him.
    RIP Guido.

    • yes that is true Barb, and the Tuesday before he very nearly got to the vets but I lost my courage and he was reprieved but in the end you have to do what is right for him

  2. I am so sorry for the loss of your friend. He was a very lucky dog to have found someone who loved him unconditionally. You gave him such a wonderful home. Rest in Peace, Guido.

  3. Don’t be so sad.
    GUIDO had happy rest of life and he is gone from the caring hands… Who knows maybe he says “thank you”… 🙂

  4. Oh, sweet friend I am so very sorry to hear that your sweet Guido had to go to The Bridge. Big hugs! I am sorry too that I have not been around but I was not getting notices for when you posted until today. I hope I will continue getting them now so I can keep up with you. I was afraid you had disappeared from blog land…happy that you haven’t hugs! I only have one blog now. Hugs!

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