Found….(sigh of relief)

I am not sure yet how Alex found me but he did and that is all that matters. I really felt so lost without him being around . He has been my ” get me out of trouble”’ friend for about 10-12 years I think.

I first ‘met’him on a site for people wanting to learn English online, or at least I think that is where I met him or it could have been when I was making friends in different parts of the world..wherever and whenever..it was ages ago.

If anything goes wrong on my computer usually because of something I have done Alex has always been there to sort it out. He is amazing!

But, there is another person that I wish to thank and that is Shamil…like a knight in Shinning  armour  he came to my aid and was going to sort out my mess

. Just like Alex…… I first met Shamil many years ago and somehow he also has always been there in the background…He also is Russian

So there we are…I don’t know if it’s the power of WordPress or the power of Facebook or just my dogged way of using every possible address I could find but I achieved what i set out to do..find Alex!


Help required …. looking for Alex

Sometimes I get  weird sudden ideas. My friend Mike upgraded his laptop and it looked such fun that i took mine into the shop to be done as well.

Now, common sense should have told me to back up all my details on a stick but being me..I did not do this..so I have lost all my previous information that was on the previous Windows 7.

All my photos have been wiped away and the only person who can help me has also been wiped into oblivion…So I am writing this in the hope that my friend Alex in Russia will read it and contact me on Skype   address Patrecia Upton…

It is my only hope as Alex has always been there to help me out over the last 10/15 years and now I cannot find him.

I have entered his name o Skype search but there are seven with the same name.

So Alex my dear..I pray that you will find me..i am lost without you


The Royal Visit to UK 2017

Cove and harbour of Port Isaac, Cornwall, EnglandMy friend from Russia, Alex , has just reminded me that I have not told you about my visit to the UK…naughty me!

After having my operation on May 3 I was not too sure how I would feel about travelling to UK . However a gallbladder removal is ‘nothing’ ….just a few holes here and there, so undeterred we set forth.

Our first night was in Sofia as I am getting too old to make a journey in one fell swoop so we break it up into smaller pieces.

We stayed at the Anel Hotel and it was super-duper, service was good and food excellent and lovely huge comfortable beds..it was in fact an apartment  with four rooms. A very fancy bath but it was too high for me to get into it so I gave that one a miss.

Upon arrival at Gatwick we went straight to the ‘ car hire’ office of Green Motion Cars (which is something to do with Car Flexi.com (BEWARE OF BOTH OF THEM). I showed my booking confirmation to the sour faced woman at the computer..’Oh ‘she said   …….that booking has been cancelled’.

Of course I was not happy and tried to remain a lady….I asked why?  She replied that it was because we were not here at 11am. I mentioned that at that time we were still in Bulgaria and the car was not due to be collected till 14.30. …. I was getting very angry.

Hard luck she said.. its been cancelled and we cannot do anything. I asked her how she thought we could get from Gatwick to Bognor Regis without a car…On the train…!!! I was livid….3000 miles we had flown and now no car.

Upon returning to the airport terminal we inquired at a couple of others but they had nothing available and then we spotted Interent just a bit behind the main building…finally we found someone to help us and what a lovely man he was. He had had many customers who had been let down by Green Motion and he was able to provide a sweet little Mercedes-Benz Smartcar….  so we were off and away!

The first 11 days were in Bognor Regis and our B&B was extraordinary..it was more like a 5* hotel and we were very happy and very pleased that we had found such a gem. It was fantastic.

The following day my daughter Jennifer came with her partner Mark and daughter Natalie and grandson Lennie. It was a lovely day and we went down to the beach  but time seemed to pass so quickly and then they departed to go home.

Then on Tuesday I met for lunch with my cousin Pearl who I have not seen for at least 40 years  but an even bigger surprise because  also at the lunch was my cousin Syd who I have not seen since he was a child and now he is 70 and he came all the way from Australia to see me…it was a really fantastic day and I enjoyed so much to see them…

The remainder of the week was spent buying clothes as the weather forecast had said cold and wet in England so we only took clothes for that weather but here it was hot sun and blue skies, I  did not mind. I love certain shops in UK..Matalan ( but that has got expensive)  Primark , and Bon Marche. So we bought loads….

I had fish and chips so many times and I lost count of the fresh cream cakes I had eaten ..but that could explain the extra 7 lbs gained in weight.

Most of the children ( I call them that but of course they are not children at all) stayed at Chichester Lake park where you can rent a caravan or put up a tent…but this place was a great disappointment as it was grubby and dirty and noisy and not at all nice.

My daughter Lynda came with her son Leon and his family… her daughter Jayde and her children James and Max.

Darren my grandson with Jo  and his daughter Olivia

Rebecca came with Grace, Sam and William.

It was wonderful to see my whole family together and I enjoyed every minute

I went to Portsmouth with Rebecca  to see her Auntie Shirley ( my ex-husband’s sister) and that I enjoyed too. Shirley and her husband Jack  have been married forever and they have got to the stage in their lives when memory is a bit hazy and you end up hearing the same story about three or four times but they are so sweet that it was always a pleasure to listen again and again and again,

Then  it was time to leave Bognor and travel along the coast to Hastings where I was to have my fish and chips from a shop I first went to over 60 plus years ago…except when I got there this particular shop was built in 1990 and the one I should have gone to was the Mermaid which had been there since eternity….oh well,,,at least the fish and chips were right.

After two days in Hastings we drove towards Gatwick and stayed two nights at West Grinstead which was OK but nothing remarkable.

Then  it was back to Gatwick to return our dear little economical car, which had served us well and should we ever require to hire another car it will certainly be Interrent and definitely not Green Motion.

Whilst overnight at Gatwick we saw Neville’s daughters, Maria,and  Frances  and drove to Crawley to see son Robert with his family Jude, Chloe and Luke.


Then it was back to Bulgaria and my dogs…..

A good visit ..I enjoyed it and I hope my children did as well


Walking to live

nordic-walking-300x300Just before November 2016 I decided that I had been a couch potato long enough. Life was slipping past at an alarming rate and I was getting older and older.

I had never before considered age as anything..it just happened…

Then one day it suddenly occurred to me that as I was getting older so my body and bones were beginning to stiffen up.

This was bad news!  I had to do something ! so I did..

As I no longer drive, going to a gym was not possible, not only was it expensive but I had no way of getting there without asking Neville to come every time… so although I wanted to be more active what was there that I could do. I considered walking but I hate walking. Yes I can peruse the shop windows at a leisurely pace but to actually walk anywhere was a big NO NO…  until

I discovered Nordic Walking which is similar but not the same. It is done with two poles very much like ski poles but not so long. There is a method to be understood otherwise all benefits are lost. Why this idea intrigued me I shall never know..walking is walking

It is cardiovascular exercise , sort of similar to Power Walking but with extra benefits and no getting out of puff.  Most suitable for an elderly person like myself . It builds muscles in arms, legs, chest and back…it increases vitality, helps you to sleep and livens up the brain… and as for your blood …  its.wonderful

The day i bought my Nordic poles  my life changed. Now it is thrilling to walk and to walk..to wander paths which might lead somewhere or nowhere at all. To see the lovely village which I now call home, and to see how it is surrounded by the most glorious countryside. To listen to birds and to see wild creatures scurrying back into the bushes for safety. One of the greatest benefits is meeting people…like the shepherd I met this morning . He left his flock and came to talk to me…no language problem at all..he nattered in Bulgarian and me in my  Bulgengish..but we understood each other completely.

Two days ago I stopped to rest upon the seat outside a house and the people came to talk. I explained what I was doing and why I was doing it. Baba of the house showed me her sticks( a crutch and walking stick) and she explained that she had had a hip and leg operation…we nattered away in our own language and completely understood.

Its a fascinating way of life.. I go on my way armed with my fanny bag containing a walkie talkie….a whistle..binoculars..sun glasses..water  and my mp4 player.

Sometimes I have even danced my way along, and sometimes I sing….it is a time of complete happiness and of complete freedom and it is wonderful.

By the time I get home there are one or two bits that ache..but my blood pressure is down, and I feel great. There are so many benefits to just walking and even though at 77 years of age i might have left it a bit late but I know that the time that I have left will be spent walking the hills, looking at God’s creation and thoroughly enjoying my life.

So if you are like me…a couch potato..get up..and go walking the Nordic way..you will never regret it


New Year , New Me

T.here comes a time when you sit back and look at what you have done with your life. I have reached that time. At 77 I am on the slippery slope going nowhere, well I shall be going somewhere but not on this planet.

so to look at my life..it has been one of adventure. At times boring and at times very troublesome but its like stepping into the unknown as none of us know what is around each corner…and this is what keeps me going…wanting to look around one corner after another.

But this year is different. I have not made any New Year resolutions as that way they cannot be broken.Last November time I decided to change the way I am….which is overweight and under exercised. Unfortunately we are not one of the rich retired people who I often read about so there was no going to the local Health Hotel and to the local gym..both too costly. So..I decided on walking (which i detested). I bought myself a set of Nordic Walking poles and walking shoes and an instruction book..oh and a mp4 player.

So far I have lost one stone and I enjoy my walking..even to the point of asking  ;why didn’t I do this before?’Sometimes when I return home , my muscles ache and my arthritis in my kneecap really does hurt but I will not give in…No pain ,No gain (

It has decreased my blood pressure and increased my muscles…I am now a converted walker. It is wonderful wandering the hills and paths just to see where they go. It’s great to hear the birds and when you stand still and look at just how wonderful the scenery is. It’s the peace and tranquility…its the challenge to go, to walk , to be free.

Of course there is a downside to all of this. I purchased some cropped trousers which I had to alter as the legs were too wide but now I find that the waist is too big…and there’s the problem…I am shrinking!..but before i go buying anymore I shall wait until I have reached a sensible level , not quite sure what size I should be but that does not bother me…it is whether the clothes will stay up by themselves or will I keep having to hike them up….

But whilst I am having fun and living my remaining years with gusto I shall not worry and whilst I am here ..may I wish you all a year 2017 to be one that you will remember with love

lots of love


PS..just in case you wondered about my furry creatures..all are well. Bonzo that I rescued as a wee pup has grown into an enormous hound who annoys  everyone but he has lovely eyes..


Just as I thought

The little pup is dead….

Today we braved the snow and ice and went to feed the dogs…

.Just as we reached the top of our village road there was a Mum dog and two chubby pups following her but they were on the other side of what can be quite a busy road.

I asked Neville to stop and after a tut or two he did. I got out of the car and from the back took a packet of dog biscuits..plus my walking stick..the snow was quite deep and slushy but the stick came in better use to stop the traffic . An old lady with a waving walking stick does make cars stop.

I went across the road and placed the food on the snow and Mum began to eat whilst the pups plonked their fat little bottoms on the snow and watched…

It was sad when we got to the water hole in Draganovo. No dog at all!..I called and called. We hooted the horn and revved the engine….but nothing.

Considering that it has been so cold with the temperature last night at -17, a very heavy frost and there has been lots of snow I am not really surprised that pup has possibly died ….I feel sure that had he been alive he would have appeared…maybe I am wrong!

So Rexy got two lots of food which he thoroughly enjoyed. There are tyre tracks in the snow so someone has been there and maybe fed him..if not then he had a full course today.he is such a lovely dog..I just wish he were mine!

So there we have it…it is sad but in a way i am relieved… because we live so far away it would not always be possible to be there to feed him and then what would I have done in the months ahead…I cannot possibly  be responsible for all the stray dogs in the world so maybe in this case the Good Lord  made the decision


I hope that I am wrong…

…..But I sadly fear that the little pup that I have fed in Draganovo may be dead.

I have not been to see it but the last time it was fed was on Tuesday when my friend Karen had to go that way.He is only tiny , very skinny and not much fur to keep him warm

Since Tuesday it has snowed again and again, the road in our village has not been cleared and it is like an ice rink. Every night the temperature plummets and I think of the wee creature out there in the snow with no food and no shelter. It makes me feel very sad.

As sad as I feel I cannot risk our lives on the roads such as they are,

However tomorrow the sun is supposed to shine and on Saturday so maybe we shall be able to go to find out. The other dog Rex is ok, I am sure of that. He has a thick coat and he is an adult  dog who has lived through Bulgarian winters, also his owner comes to feed him..at least I hope so.

I shall just have to wait to find out…



Not again!

I would not believe this  if I could not see it for myself..IT’S SNOWING AGAIN!!!

I thought is would be rain but it’s definitely the white stuff.

However we have been out to Veliko Tarnovo to collect our four pairs of new specs and at the same time I was able to feed the dogs again

There was still no sign of the other dog but the pup was there before the car had stopped so was rewarded with some food..cake bits, bread and milk

Rexy came just as soon as we pulled up and sniffed at his food offering …then he walked off. He is far more interested in having a cuddle and a fuss so I gave him both . He looks so dejected when we leave  but he did eat all his food as it was gone when we came back

So shopping done yesterday, VT done and sorted plus a visit to Metro, dogs all fed and accounted for (except one)…so let it snow..I have nowhere to go until Tuesday.


here is a picture of Holly and BobbyCIMG0208


All seems to be well





It has finally stopped snowing, and the sun is shining so all the snow is quickly thawing but tomorrow we can expect rain which will possibly freeze later in the night.

So today was the day  we went shopping and it also gave me the opportunity to see if my stray dogs were safe.  So I packed two bags of scraps that I have been saving..one enough for the two dogs at the water hole and one just for Rexy at the wood yard.

When we got to Draganovo…. where the dog and puppy live , the snow was too thick for me to walk in so I called ‘Dog!, Dog Dog’ and out from the hillside appeared the puppy, so I put down the food ( which was for two dogs) but the other dog never arrived.

What has happened to him I do not know but it seems that throughout the very cold weather this small skinny pup has managed to survive…We left him devouring a pile of food.

We arrived at the wood yard but there was no sign of Rexy. There were four or five men fiddling with a  vehicle inside the gate so I called and asked where Rexy was…. Eventually Rexy emerged from the great barn but was not over joyed to see me until he realised who it was and that I had food. He is such a gentle kind dog and if he is supposed to be a guard dog, I think he has not read the manual about being aggressive or at least appearing to be so…

So all is ok except that the dog who was with the puppy was not there, but 2 out of 3 is good news. We shall be going that way again in the next day or two so maybe I shall see all three then…but for the moment I am happy that all seems to be well